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Terms of Carriage


Shuttle Coaches values your custom and we aim to ensure you have a safe, comfortable journey on a clean, well-maintained coach.

These conditions set out your rights, restrictions on those rights, and obligations as a customer of Shuttle Coaches.

These are the Conditions under which Shuttle Coaches carries any person and their property and these Conditions apply to any contract to carry any person or their property entered into by Shuttle Coaches. Any person who travels on a coach operated by Shuttle Coaches shall be deemed to have agreed to be carried on these Conditions. These Conditions are consistent with statutory regulations including those relating to Conduct of Passengers and Lost Property and do not affect your statutory rights.

General Conditions

We aim to provide a safe and reliable service. However. We occasionally cannot run our advertised services, because of factors outside our control such as adverse weather conditions or unpredictable delays caused by traffic congestion, road works or diversions.

Limitation of our liability to you

In the event of the cancellation or withdrawal or delay or termination of any service or in the event of the service being otherwise unavailable to you, we shall not be liable for any losses, damage, costs or inconvenience that you suffer as a result. We do not in any way exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, nor are your statutory rights as a consumer affected.

Conduct of Passengers

We reserve the right to refuse entry to you or require you to leave our buses or premises at any time. This will usually be either for reasons of safety or because of your conduct.

When travelling on our buses, you are subject to these Conditions. Failure to comply with these statutory regulations or those set out in these Conditions may result in us refusing to permit you to travel or to continue to travel.

In particular, you must:

·       Not smoke at any time

·       Behave in a manner that is not abusive or threatening and does not cause offence to other passengers or staff. Intending passengers who in the opinion of the driver appear likely to behave in an inappropriate manner may be not be permitted to travel.

·       Refrain from eating and drinking items which make other passenger’s journey unpleasant or otherwise cause offence

·       Follow the instructions of staff and act in a manner which shows due regard for the safety of your fellow passengers and members of staff, including not standing adjacent to emergency exits or the vehicle entrance next to the driver or sitting in gangways and similar locations

·       Notify a member of staff immediately if you sustain an injury whilst boarding, travelling on or alighting from a bus

·       Follow the directions of staff concerning the maximum number of standing passengers that a bus is permitted to carry and not stand on the upper deck or staircase of a double deck vehicle. Every bus carries details of its capacity including standing passengers

·       Except in an emergency, not talk to the driver whilst the bus is moving, obstruct the driver’s vision or otherwise distract them from their duties

·       Have due regard at all times for the needs of disabled passengers


Any passenger in contravention of these and other statutory regulations may be required to give their name and address to a member of staff, or may be restrained or removed from the bus or our premises by a member of staff, a Police Officer or a Community Security Officer at the request of a member of staff who may also refuse you further carriage, and take any other measures we consider necessary to protect the safety, wellbeing and comfort of our employees and other passengers.

Buses may be fitted with CCTV to provide added security for passengers.

Whilst we will do everything that we reasonably can to control the conduct of other passengers on our buses we cannot be held responsible for their conduct.

Boarding, alighting and stopping places

We shall endeavour to provide the service as specified at the time of booking. In the event that our driver(s) deem any pick-up or set down point(s) as unsafe or unsuitable for any other reasons they will use their best efforts to find suitable alternatives.

Carriage of Wheelchairs, Buggies and Cycles

Subject to enough space being available and subject always to the discretion of the driver, we will carry up to 2 buggies on buses that are specially arranged with a low flat floor and designated areas for buggies and wheelchairs. The driver has the discretion to require that pushchairs are folded at busy times or if a customer wishes to board with a wheelchair. Passengers should cooperate in allowing proper use of the designated wheelchair space by vacating this space if required by a passenger in a wheelchair. We cannot accommodate wheelchairs or unfolded buggies on buses without these facilities. In addition, we do not carry prams on any buses. Cycles are only carried on a limited number of buses specifically modified for this purpose where safety notices detailing the arrangements to be followed are clearly posted.


In the interests of safety and for the comfort of all of our customers we restrict the size and type of luggage or other belongings that you can bring on our buses. We reserve the right to refuse permission for you to bring any item on our buses. You may bring small items of luggage or other belongings with you at the discretion of the driver, providing they are not bulky, or likely to present a danger or nuisance to other passengers or staff. You remain responsible for any items you bring. You may not be allowed to travel if, for example, the available space for carriage of luggage is already full or if in the opinion of the driver your luggage or belongings will block gangways and access to emergency exits on the bus. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or inconvenience to you if you are refused travel under these circumstances or if you suffer loss or damage to luggage or other belongings whilst on the bus.

Certain items cannot be carried under any circumstances in the interests of safety. These include accumulators, explosives, ammunition, weapons and combustible or otherwise hazardous materials including petrol.


Accompanied dogs and other small animals that will not be a danger or a nuisance to other passengers or staff are allowed to travel on our buses at the absolute discretion of the driver who may decide where on the bus the animal is to be carried. Any animal carried must remain under control and must not be allowed to travel on seats. If you bring any animal onto a bus, you will be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury arising from its presence on the bus. Guide Dogs will be carried at any time.


Lost Property

We will do all that we reasonably can to locate and return any property left on our premises or on one of our buses to its owner.

If you find lost property on a bus, please hand it to the driver. Providing the item is not perishable or objectionable, we will keep it for a month. If you claim any item of lost property, you will be required to satisfy us that the item belongs to you, give us your name and address and you may be charged an administration fee. Under normal circumstances, you will need to collect the lost property from the Shuttle Buses office or depot at which the lost property is being stored. Our arrangements comply with the relevant legislation.


The governing law for these Conditions shall be the law of Scotland and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Should any provision of these Conditions be invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions which shall remain in full force and effect and such invalid or enforceable provision shall be deemed to be amended as far as possible to give effect to the intentions of the parties in relation to that provision.

These Conditions constitute the entire agreement between us and you. None of our employees is entitled to alter or vary any of the provisions of these Conditions of Carriage.

These Conditions replace any previous Conditions of Shuttle Buses and take effect from 1st December 2014.

What to do if you have a comment or complaint

If you want to tell us what you like or don’t like about our service, you can do so by calling 01294 550757 or by writing to Shuttle Buses at:

Shuttle Buses Limited
Caledonia House
Longford Avenue
Kilwinning KA13 6EX

You can also contact us by email:

We will respond to your comment or complaint within 10 working days of receipt and will keep you up to date on progress in the meantime.

If you are not satisfied with our response for any reason, please contact us again.

If we are unable to resolve any complaint, you can raise your concern with:

Bus Passengers Platform
Scottish Government
Area 2D Dockside
Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

Tel: 0131 244 5306


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